‘This is… the right time!’ Grades & generational change Lee Kang-cheol-ho’s two tasks

The WBC (World Baseball Classic) is the fate of Korean baseball.

The baseball world is keenly aware of the WBC, which will be held in March next year. At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the Korean national soccer team moved to the round of 16 after 12 years and impressed the people. With the promotion of football, the two major mountain ranges of professional sports along with baseball, the WBC has received more attention. naturally compared.

In domestic professional sports, the results of international competitions affect the popularity of the sport. It was the same with Korean baseball. He had a golden age with a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and runner-up in the 2009 WBC, but after that he went downhill in the WBC. Both the Taichung disaster in 2013 and the Gocheok Dome disaster in 2017 were eliminated in the first round. Recently, the status of Korean baseball has fallen due to the humiliation of no medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The explosive increase in fans suffered from sluggish results in international competitions.

This WBC is a great chance to revive the popularity of professional baseball. If the performance meets the expectations of the fans, it is expected that many spectators will visit the baseball field.

At the same time 스포츠토토 as the results, the national team is facing the task of changing generations. The Korean national team relied on Kim Gwang-hyeon (34, SSG Landers) and Yang Hyeon-jong (34, KIA Tigers) for years. The two pitchers, who have played ace roles in international competitions since their early and mid-20s, will enter their mid-30s next year. The reality of Korean baseball is that they have not yet found a pitcher to succeed them.

Perhaps with the generational change in mind, the KBO included a large number of young pitchers such as Koo Chang-mo (25, NC Dinos) Sohn Joon (21, KT Wiz) Lee Eui-ri (20, KIA) Kim Yun-sik (22, LG Twins) on the WBC interest list. . This WBC can be a test stage to find the next-generation ace pitcher to lead the national team.

In addition to next year’s WBC, there are various international competitions such as the Hangzhou Asian Games and the upcoming Premier 12. The need to find a new face is emerging in preparation for international competitions.

I wonder if Lee Kang-cheol-ho will be able to catch both the two rabbits: grades and generational change at the WBC.

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