UCL-class club, Kim Min-jae buyout amount is 100 billion… Naples pushes for a 120 billion hike

Italian local media specifically mentioned Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause.

Italy’s Sky Sports mentioned the buyout clause for Kim Min-jae on the 4th (Korean time). The media said, “If a UEFA Champions League club with a profit of 500 million euros (about 714.8 billion won) promotes the recruitment of Kim Min-jae, the buyout amount will be 70 million euros (about 100.1 billion won).” While the buyout amount for Kim Min-jae is set around 50 million euros (approximately 71.5 billion won), it is known that the buyout amount varies depending on the size of the club that wants to recruit Kim Min-jae.

In addition, Sky Sports mentioned that ‘agreement between the parties is necessary’ regarding the deletion of Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause. Napoli is pushing for an increase or deletion of the buyout amount by renewing the contract with Kim Min-jae.

Napoli, where Kim Min-jae started, suffered a 0-4 defeat in the 28th round of Serie A in the 2022-23 season against AC Milan held on the 3rd. Kim Min-jae struggled with the most goals conceded after entering Naples, but interest in Kim Min-jae from big clubs in Europe remains unchanged. A number of local media, including The Sun and Liverpool Echo in England, said on the 3rd, ‘Liverpool will start recruiting Kim Min-jae after the end of this season. Napoli is trying to raise Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount to 79 million pounds (approximately 128.6 billion won),’ he said. 바카라

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