Ventu division all offloaded→’4G winless’ Klinsmann Lake concerns↑…Michael Kim’s departure reduces connectivity↓

Michael Kim (50, Korean name Kim Young-min) is leaving the national soccer team as coach to Jürgen Klinsmann. The departures come amid growing concerns about Klinsmann’s performance.

An official from the Korea Football Association (KFA) told The Korea Herald on Oct. 31, “They are trying to organize the coaching staff ahead of the World Cup qualifiers in October. Some of the positions will be changed and others will be added.” Coach Michael Kim’s departure is expected to be followed by technical advisor Chaduri’s arrival as coach.

As Klinsmann was reorganizing the coaching staff, he reportedly offered Michael Kim a scouting position. In the end, Kim declined Klinsmann’s offer. A KFA official said, “Coach Michael Kim will work as a scout until October. He will not accompany us on the A-match trip in September.” “We have been discussing to organize the coaching staff since August, and we are in the final stage. An announcement will be made soon.”

In the end, coach Michael Kim, who was the only member of former coach Paulo Bento’s staff at Klinsmannhoe, also left the national team. This means that the only link between Klinsmann’s soccer and Ventura’s legacy is gone.

“From the outside looking in, Bento has done a great job,” Klinsmann said ahead of the team’s first training camp in March. He’s built a lot of positives, both with the team and the players. “It’s important for us to continue with the style we’ve been playing. “It’s important to continue the old style, and I’m not opposed to that. To some extent, Mourinho will continue the proactive football that Bento established, but he will also put his own spin on it.

When Bento took over the reins of the national team in 2019, he played a passing and pressing style of football that sometimes didn’t produce results, leading to a lot of criticism, but he stuck with it and built a colorful style of football. At the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Bento’s style of play was further praised as he led South Korea to the round of 16.

Coach Michael Kim was seen as the right man to bridge the gap between Bento and Klinsmann. It was hoped that he would be able to pass on the details of the soccer that Vento had painstakingly built to Klinsmann.

In fact, coach Michael Kim said at a press conference in June, “Coach (Klinsmann) came and shared how Coach Ventura coached and breathed with (the players). “As a coach, it’s hard for me to say, ‘This coach is like this, that coach is like that.’ We’re trying to figure out if we can keep what we did well and improve on it. It’s important to develop what Bento did well and what Klinsmann wants to do.”

It’s not just about succession. Michael Kim was the only coach on Klinsmann’s boat who could communicate with the players in Korean. He also traveled around the K League to get to know domestic players. As a longtime national team coach, he knows more about the situation of Korean players than anyone else.

With the departure of Coach Michael Kim, Advisor Chaduri will take over the role. Chaduri is fluent in German and can communicate directly with Klinsmann. He also has the charisma to rally the troops.

However, the “connection” with Bentojo that Klinsmann has emphasized since his arrival is unlikely. This is especially true when you consider that Bento’s colors haven’t shown much in Klinsmann’s games so far.

The concerns surrounding Klinsmann are expected to grow. Klinsmann, who took over the reins of the national team in March, is winless in his first four matches (two draws and two losses). This is the longest winless streak for a foreign manager of the Korean national team in history.

In addition to the poor performance, there was also the ‘foreign oil’ controversy. In the past, Klinsmann had worked remotely from the United States when he was in charge of the German national team, which raised concerns in Korea. It was reported that Klinsmann had signed a contract to stay in the country, but his frequent trips to the United States caused controversy. He has already been labeled as “disloyal” in Korea.

Klinsmann’s team will face Wales in an exhibition match at Cardiff City Stadium in Wales on March 8. Five days later, they will face Saudi Arabia in Newcastle, England.

The U.S. National Soccer Team’s September international friendly roster (25 players) 카지노사이트

Goalkeepers: Kim Seung-kyu (Al Shabab), Cho Hyun-woo (Ulsan Hyundai), Kim Jun-hong (Gimcheon Commerce)

Defenders: Kim Young-kwon, Jung Seung-hyun, Seol Young-woo (Ulsan Hyundai), Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), Lee Ki-je (Suwon Samsung), Kim Joo-sung (FC Seoul), Kang Sang-woo (Beijing Guoan), Kim Ji-soo (Brentford)

Midfielders: Son Heung-min (Tottenham), Moon Sun-min, Ahn Hyun-beom (Jeonbuk Hyundai), Park Yong-woo (Al Ain), Yang Hyun-joon (Celtic), Lee Dong-kyung (Ulsan Hyundai), Lee Jae-sung (Mainz), Hong Hyun-seok (KAA Gent), Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos), Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), Lee Sun-min (Gwangju FC)

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