Victory in Mallorca, ‘decision gain’ Munich (overall)

Mallorca took a victory even after giving Lee Kang-in a break. Munich won an unpleasant draw amidst the ‘judgment controversy’ that benefited them.

In the La Liga-Bundesliga match held in two European regions on the morning of the 21st (hereinafter Korean time), Mallorca won Celta Vigo 1-0 and Bayern Munich (hereinafter Munich) drew RB Leipzig (hereinafter Leipzig) 1-1. recorded

In the 2022-23 Primera Liga 18R match held at the Iberostar Estadio on the island of Mallorca, Spain, the home stadium of Lee Kang-in’s break,

Mallorca defeated Celta Vigo 1-0.

Mallorca coach Aguire gave Lee Kang-in a break as Celta Vigo ranked 16th (as of the morning of the 21st).

Although he won, Lee Kang-in’s absence touched me.

Mallorca, who recorded 43% of ball possession, had only one shot on target out of six shots until the 5th minute of the second half. On the other hand, Celta Vigo, who had 57% possession, had 2 of 5 shots on goal.

However, in the 13th minute of the second half, playmaker Luis de Galareta spread a pass from the left to the right box at once, and Dani Rodriguez’s shot, following Mafeo’s right break-cutback, split Celta Vigo’s net.

Mallorca, who won despite the break of ace Lee Kang-in, secured 10th place (25 points) by 4 points from 11th place Girona.카지노

Munich, who left for the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Germany, before making his faded Somer’s debut amid ‘decision controversy’ , earned one point with a 1-1 draw against Leipzig. Even this is a ‘thankful result’.

In this match, Munich, which took the lead in the 37th minute of the first half with a memorial-potting goal through a diagonal cross, failed to block Leipzig’s pass play inside the box and allowed Halstenberg to equalize in the 7th minute of the second half.

However, the main scenes were different. In the 20th minute of the second half, when Leipzig was facing the striker 1-1, Dominik Soboslyi, who had a successful ‘Nutmeg’ to Dayot Upamecano, the final defender, leading the score to 1-1 with the goalkeeper, took a beat from Upamecano. Knocked down on a late tackle.

Instead of vehement protest, Upamecano made a gesture that seemed to accept any decision, and Munich’s players also remained calm instead of vehement protest. However, the referee only issued a yellow card. Leipzig’s squad protested, but the decision was not overturned.

With this in mind, ‘Bavarian Football Works’ under the American media ‘Vox Media’ and ‘Sports Max’, a Jamaican media, evaluated that “It was really fortunate that Upamecano avoided the red card.”

On the other hand, Jan Sommer, the core of Moenchengladbach, the ‘Munich Killer’ who debuted on this day, had a passable debut match without any special scenes to speak of.

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