Vijena, 38 points by achieving the triple crown… Defeated KB Insurance and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

KB Insurance defeated Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the midst of Andres Villena’s great success, who returned after shaking off thigh pain.

KB Insurance won a set score of 3-1 (25-23 25-20 23-25 ​​25-23) against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the professional volleyball Dodram 2022-2023 V-League men’s home game held at Uijeongbu Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 21st.

6th place KB Insurance (21 points, 7 wins, 15 losses) escaped from 2 consecutive losses, and drove the lowest place Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (17 points, 5 wins, 18 losses) into a swamp with 4 consecutive losses.

The opponent record, which was 1 win and 2 losses, also became 2 wins and 2 losses.

Villena, who missed the match against OK Financial Group on the 17th due to thigh pain, achieved a triple crown (successful at least 3 each of blocking, serve, and back attacks) to shake off her disappointment.

Villena scored 38 points, the highest for both teams, with 5 blocking points, 3 sub-aces, and 18 back attacks. The 38 points is also Vijena’s most individual points this season (previous 33 points).

Viyena, who achieved the triple crown six times wearing a Korean Air uniform in the 2019-2020 season, set this record for the first time as a member of KB Insurance. He is the 7th of his personal career and the 17th men’s triple crown this season.

Hwang Gyeong-min, a native wing striker of KB Insurance, also scored 15 points against his former team, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

Middle blocker Kim Hong-jeong intensively checked the opponent’s main gun, Ahmed Iqbairi (32 points), and scored 3 blocking points.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance rookie middle blocker Kim Jun-woo struggled with 14 points (end point 12), the most in an individual game, but the team lost.

In the first set, 15-15, KB Insurance setter Hwang Taek-ui hit the ball near the net and scored by pushing it near the opponent’s end line.

Then, Kim Hong-jeong blocked Ikbairi’s rear attack to widen the gap.

Kim Hong-jeong blocked Ikbairi’s open attack at 18-16.

KB Insurance consolidated its first set winning streak in 21-18, with Han Seong-jeong blocking Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance outside heater Shin Shin-ho’s quick open, and Viyena blocking Kim Jeong-ho’s back attack, running away with a score of 23-18.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance led 19-18 in the second set.

However, KB Insurance counterbalanced it with Hwang Kyung-min’s time difference attack, and Hwang Taek-eui’s sub ace succeeded in reversing 20-19.

The gap widened as Ikbairi’s timed attack went out of line.

Afterwards, KB Insurance cleared off Samsung Fire’s attacks with a tight defense and scored with the firepower of Viyena and Hwang Kyung-min. 메이저사이트

In 24-20, Viyena blocked Ikbairi’s open attack to end the second set.

KB Insurance led 18-13 in the 3rd set, but allowed a 23-25 ​​reversal by giving a series of blocks to opponent rookie middle blocker Kim Jun-woo.

Even in the 4th set, they were drawn 6-11.

Hu In-jeong, director of KB Insurance, sang ‘Operation Time’ and delivered a stronger message than shouting with ‘silence’ without saying a word.

After the operation time, the situation of KB Insurance changed rapidly.

Viyena succeeded in a back attack at 10-13 and tied the score at 13-13 with consecutive sub-aces.

In the 13-13 rally, Viyena also led the team’s comeback with a successful rear attack.

Vijena also scored a valuable score with a back attack aiming for the end line in 22-21.

KB Insurance won 3 points by ending the game with Hwang Kyung-min’s time difference attack in 24-23.

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