‘We met again in the championship match after 4 years’ Korean Air vs Hyundai Capital

Korean Air and Hyundai Capital meet again in the 2022-2023 V-League Men’s Championship.

The two teams have competed in the championship match for three consecutive years since the 2016-2017 season. It formed the men’s professional volleyball 2nd round. Since then, Korean Air has remained at the top. In the 2019-2020 season, which ended early due to Corona 19, the regular league was suspended while there was still a chance for first place on their own, and following the 2020-2021 season, they won the combined championship in the 2021-2022 season. This season, following the regular league championship, we challenge the combined championship.

Hyundai Capital spent time rebuilding after winning the 2018-2019 championship match. The reorganization of the team has also progressed considerably. Although they were humiliated last season, they came in second place in the regular league this season, and showed their determination to pass the playoffs despite the injury and departure of Jeon Kwang-in, the main axis and irreplaceable player of the team.

The championship match between Korean Air and Hyundai Capital will be held every other day, starting with the first match on the 30th. In terms of power, Korean Air has the upper hand.

First of all, Korean Air coordinates the team with the best setter player Han in Korea. Here, veteran ring collector Yoo Kwang-woo is ready to put in.

In addition to Jung Ji-seok, Kwak Seung-seok is the outside heater. These two players, dubbed ‘Seok-Seok Duo’, form the most stable receiving line. Jung Ji-seok, along with Jeon Kwang-in, are the best utility players in Korea. Kwak Seung-seok is a player with a stable receiving and defensive ability, as well as a sense of offense. He also has an invisible force that drives the training atmosphere. Jeong Han-yong was given a chance to play while Kwak Seung-seok was injured. A situation that can be put in at any time.

In midfield, seasoned Kim Kyu-min is the axis. Here, Jaeyoung Cho is showing off his recent skills. Kim Min-jae, who showed good form at the beginning of the season, is also raising his form again, and Lee Soo-hwang is also in good form.

Apposite Spiker has no worries because Lincoln and Lim Dong-hyuk are there. Lincoln mainly played, and Lim Dong-hyuk had relatively few opportunities. The checkpoint is what kind of appointment Tommy will use in the championship match. As the libero, Jeong Seong-min, who orchestrated the championship, Oh Eun-ryeol, the future of the team, and Park Ji-hoon as the libero are all lined up.

Against this, Hyundai Capital is expected to operate a modified formation. Coach Tae-Woong Choi confirmed the starting line-up after much discussion on the morning of the game in the playoffs. In the first game, Seong-min Moon took out the Apposite Spiker card, and in the second game, Sung-min Moon was moved to the middle blocker. In the third game, outside hitter Lee Si-woo and setter Kim Myeong-gwan were selected as starting pitchers to lead the game to victory. The interest is what kind of starting card Hyundai Capital will bring out today.

Hyundai Capital had a bloody battle with KEPCO in the playoffs. The 1st and 2nd games were final sets, and the 3rd game on the 28th was a game of exchanging sets. It is clear that Hyundai Capital, who played 3 games in 5 days and took a day off, is exhausted. However, they are mostly young players, so they recover quickly.

For Hyundai Capital, Heo Soo-bong will play as an apposite spiker and Oreol as an outside hitter. With these two players as the axis, various cards are prepared on the diagonal of Oreol. One of Hong Dong-seon, Kim Seon-ho, and Lee Si-woo is expected to be hired.

In the middle blocker, Choi Min-ho and Park Sang-ha are the axis, and there is a possibility of Song Won-geun. Also, Heo Soo-bong or Moon Seong-min can move to the middle blocker.

In the setter, Kim Myeong-gwan and Lee Hyeon-seung compete. Lee Hyeon-seung has a comparative advantage in adjusting the game while using fast attacks, but Kim Myeong-gwan has a strong and sharp serve and excellent blocking ability. The situation where the possibility of selecting Kim Myung-gwan is slightly high.

While Park Kyung-min’s libero throws himself, playing coach Yeo Oh-hyun plays the role of a pillar for the team.

In a best-of-five series, winning game 1 is very important. Out of the 17 championship matches played so far, the team that won the first match has risen to the top 12 times. In terms of probability, it is 70.59%. The team that wins today will take the shortcut route to the top. 메이저놀이터

What kind of match will unfold? It seems that the crossroads between victory and defeat will be revealed in concentration and boldness. The game starts at 7pm. It is the first leg of the men’s volleyball championship match.

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