“We’re done!”…Tottenham fans ‘despondent’ over EPL schedule, why? ’33R Newcastle→34R Man City→35R Arsenal→36R Liverpool’

The English Premier League (EPL) officially announced the league schedule for the 2023-24 season on Friday, and Tottenham fans were “disheartened”. Here’s what happened.

Last season, Spurs finished eighth in the league. They will not qualify for any European competitions next season. It was Tottenham’s downfall.

As a result, Tottenham and its fans are looking to next season as a season of reversals and leaps and bounds. There are more expectations than ever. It’s also the debut season of new manager Enze Postecoglou.

However, Spurs fans have a major problem with next season’s schedule. Spurs will face Brentford in the first round. There’s a big matchup with Manchester United in the second round, but the rest of the draw – Bournemouth in the third round, Burnley in the fourth, and Sheffield United in the fifth – looks good.

The problem is the end of the season. The argument is that Spurs have been given the ‘worst possible draw’ at a time when the title race is at its peak. After playing Burnley in round 37 and Sheffield United in round 38, the season is over. The problem is the four-game stretch from rounds 33 through 36.

The opponents are truly terrifying. Newcastle (away) in round 33, Manchester City (home) in round 34, Arsenal (home) in round 35, and Liverpool (away) in round 36. These four games should strike fear into the hearts of Tottenham fans. 먹튀검증

Tottenham fans are reacting, according to the UK’s Daily Star. “Tottenham fans believe they have been handed the toughest possible draw at the end of next season. Spurs fans are fearing the worst. They are despondent.”

“We’re going to get beaten,” “We’re done,” and “Worst schedule I’ve ever seen,” are some of the ways Spurs fans expressed their disappointment.

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